Julie Haveman, Volunteer, Friend of Nursing – June 2016

David Thomas, Julie Haveman and April Brady
David Thomas, nurse on 3 Lacks, Julie Haveman, volunteer on 3 Lacks, and April Brady, nurse on 3 Lacks. Thomas and Brady nominated Haveman for Friend of Nursing Award for her exemplary compassion with a patient and his sister.

Congratulations to Julie Haveman, Volunteer on 3 Lacks, who has been named as Friend of Nursing Award Recipient for June 2016!

Nominated by two staff nurses, David Thomas and April Brady, on the unit of 3 Lacks, Julie Haveman, a volunteer for the past year and a half, was selected to be the Friend of Nursing Award recipient for June 2016.

When surprised by the 3 Lacks staff, nursing leadership and the Saint Mary’s Foundation with the award on June 21, 2016, Haveman said to the crowd:

“When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, he was cared for at Mercy Health. I felt that the staff was excellent, and I was so impressed with how well he was cared for. I vowed that when I retired, I would come back here and volunteer. I have not been disappointed. It has been a privilege to serve alongside this staff, who have been so encouraging and so accepting of me.”

Her nomination reads below:

“The staff on 3 Lacks was caring for a patient who was actively dying. His sister was at his bedside and was at peace with the realization that her brother was dying, but was distraught at how long he had been suffering.
“His nurse asked her if she would like to have the priest come and sit with her. She declined because she felt that the last rites had been enough. Our volunteer Julie was on the unit, so I asked her if she would be comfortable with stopping in and visiting with the sister to offer some moral support as her brother was taking his last breaths.

Without hesitation, Julie went to the patient’s room and sat at the bedside. Julie was very supportive of our patient’s sister. The patient’s sister was thankful for the kind words and caring that Julie expressed to both her brother and to her. Because Julie found the time to connect with them, she was able to have a little more comfort during a very difficult time for them.

group shot
Julie Haveman poses with Nursing Leadership, members of 3 Lacks staff and Volunteer Services staff from Saint Mary’s Foundation after she is surprised with the Friend of Nursing Award on June 21, 2016.

“I am so grateful and blessed to work with Julie.
“Thank you for helping our nurses to provide excellent nursing care to those entrusted to them.”

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