New Grand Rapids Location for Mercy Health Infusion Services on July 11

Mercy Health Infusion Services Moves to Second Floor of Lacks Cancer Center on July 11

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With capacity for 13 infusion chairs and three private rooms with space for beds and chairs, Mercy Health Infusion Services moves to the second floor of Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center on July 11, in the former space of the Warren Reynolds Library. The library was de-centralized in the spring of 2016 in order to disperse the information in more accessible areas of the cancer center and throughout Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, which means patients now have easier access to timely and reliable cancer-related materials. This new Infusion Services location on the second level replaces the Mercy Health Infusion Services located on the first floor.

A core group of six experienced certified chemotherapy and biotherapy nurses will continue provide infusion services to patients of Mercy Health.

In addition to the space for the 13 infusion chairs and three private rooms, amenities of the new Mercy Health Infusion Services space include (photos of the new space will be forthcoming after construction is complete):

  • a family lounge,
  • three separate pods, each with four or five infusion chairs,
  • a private work area for staff,
  • a self-serve beverage station,
  • and a private bathroom located within the area.Referring physicians can call Mercy Health Infusion at 616.685.5040 or fax 616.685.3035 for infusion services. Its operating hours are Monday-Friday, from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

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