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As part of the national Trinity Health system, we have the opportunity to bolster our online presence in West Michigan. We are excited to announce Mercy Health’s participation in Sharecare (www.Sharecare.com), the leading health and wellness online engagement platform. Mercy Health is one of eight Trinity Health Regional Health Ministries to participate, with all Regional Health Ministries slated to join Sharecare at future dates.

A key feature of Sharecare is the RealAge® test, a free, scientifically accurate test that considers over 100 different factors — from eating, exercise and sleep habits to family health history, behaviors and existing conditions – to pinpoint the true biological age of your body.

RealAge helps you go beyond your calendar age to get a deeper understanding of your well-being and longevity.

RealAge was developed in the late 1990s by a team of medical and scientific experts, including Dr. Keith Roach and Dr. Michael Roizen. The original idea came from a journal article on the shortened lifespan of smokers: A patient who smokes will live, on average, around eight years less than a non-smoking patient. Therefore, a 50-year-old smoker and a 58-year-old nonsmoker would have the same risk of death — or the same biological age.

After reviewing thousands of published, peer-reviewed medical and scientific studies and collaborating with a mathematician from the University of Chicago to develop an algorithm, they debuted the RealAge test.

The test is updated regularly as new scientific studies are confirmed and older research is reconsidered. For example, having health insurance was proven to increase longevity, so it was added as a RealAge question.

In early 2014, a landmark study was conducted at the University of California, San Diego and published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE. The study validated RealAge as a more accurate predictor of mortality than the widely used Framingham ATP-III test. It also proved that since RealAge considers multiple areas of health, patient-entered data could be reliably used to determine overall well-being of the body.

RealAge delivers more than just a number. Once a person has completed the test, they receive a personalized plan to increase their energy, sleep better, and create a healthier life —one with more active, happy years.

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