Introducing Vascular Access Specialist Team!

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s is proud to introduce a dedicated RN Vascular Access Specialist Team (VAST), as of June 2016. This special team ensures the highest quality care for patients who require vascular access through a peripheral or central intravenous (IV) line for infusion therapy.

Through the new team of Jonathan Bradd, BA, RN, CCRN and Michelle Demey, BSN, RN, RN-BC, SANE-A, SANE-P, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s raises the bar in the specialty of infusion nursing through evidenced- based practice, advanced technical skills and advocacy to ensure that patient’s receive the most appropriate type of IV line and that the lines are cared for appropriately.

During the months of July, August and September, VAST will focus on two patient care initiatives:

1) Central Line Care, which will be achieved through unit-based education of staff in the emergency department and inpatient units and VAST daily rounding of all inpatients at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s with central lines. The VAST is currently rounding on approximately 34 central lines a day.

2) Early Vascular Access Assessment, which focuses on “the right line at the right time,” for each patient, meaning the patient proactively receives the most appropriate vascular device for their course of treatment. VAST should be consulted by page to review all orders for central line access, such as PICC and CVC.

“These types of specialized teams are recognized as best practice and have been shown to be safe, cost-effective and quality care when it comes to securing and placing appropriate vascular access devices at the patient’s bedside,” said the VAST Clinical Nurse Specialist Amy Kyes, MSN, RN, CRNI. “Available evidence shows that the introduction of vascular access teams reduces rates of infection (CLABSI), saves costs, and improves the patient experience of vascular access.”

Post on-boarding and orientation, the VAST will be available seven days a week with variable hours, accessible by pager 616.397.0041. Clinicians, please use IntelliWeb: Include your name, call back number, patient room number and reason for consult.

For additional information, contact Kyes at 685.4841 or

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