Ice Cream and Cookie Socials to Celebrate High Response Rate for Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 1,000 colleagues celebrated the achievement of a high response rate with ice cream, while 1,100 offsite colleagues celebrated with the infamous Mercy Health cookie! Achieving a response rate of 86% for the Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey, Mercy Health has much to celebrate! Click through for some photos of the celebrations!

heartsideAndraya Wells and Diane ClementClinica group photo with cookiescolleagues pose for the camercolleagues prepare to enjoy ice creamcolleagues wait in lineDave and Bill Manns serve up ice cream to colleaguesdeacons topping their ice creamHR ColleaguesLinda McGavin, Bryan Nader and Dave McEwenSarah Choryan, Steffanie Townshend and Ashley FredricksShelley Gay adding chocolate syrup

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