Nearly 150 NICU “Graduates” Celebrate With NICU Staff at Annual Reunion

Taking care of Mercy Health’s smallest patients can reap the biggest rewards for the NICU staff, who were reunited with former patients and families on August 23, 2016, at the annual NICU Reunion.

Emily Pokorny w babypeople checking in to NICU Reunion

Nearly 150 of our NICU graduates attended this year’s reunion at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. The Dr. Seuss-themed event featured lots of fun, free-play activities, photo booth, “Packer,” the pet-assisted therapy dog, and a free book for each grad to take home.

Event organizer Lynne Horodyski, NICU nurse, states: “Last year, we were able to reconnect with many of the graduates that we hadn’t seen in many years, including one who is now 10 years old! But even if it has been six months, the babies change so much, and it is awesome to see how they have grown and developed, in a large part due to the excellent care that we gave them while they were in the hospital. The staff really enjoys this event, reconnecting with our parents and graduates. It helps us to feel a sense of accomplishment and knowing that our work has helped them.”

Thanks to the NICU staff for hosting this event for their patients and families! Click here for a full photo gallery on the Mercy Health Facebook page>>

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