Congratulations to September 2016 DAISY Award Recipient Matt Mogck!

Matt Mogck, RN on the PMU, signs the DAISY Award banner as the September 2016 recipient.

This month’s DAISY award goes to Matt Mogck, a nurse in the PMU. He was nominated by an astounding number (four) of his colleagues: Susan Burchardt, BSN, RN, clinical supervisor in the PMU; Hannah Wight, BSN, RN, clinical nurse in the PMU; Kelly Wybenga, BSN, RN, clinical supervisor at 8 Main; and Carrie Mull, BSN, RN-BC, clinical services manager in the PMU. The skill and compassionate care exemplified by Mogck to our patients, their families, and our staff shows him to be an outstanding role model, as demonstrated by his nominations.

One of his nominations reads:

“In April, I was called as a Psych Resource Team to 8 Main to assist with an upset patient who is well known to the PMU nursing staff. I told Matt that I was leaving the unit to help 8 Main, and he offered to help since he knew the patient really well. When we arrived on 8 Main, the patient was upset, paranoid and very delusional in his thoughts.

“The patient instantly recognized Matt and began to talk to him. Matt started out by asking what has you so upset? This patient responded to Matt. The other nurses were not able to connect with this patient, which led to some miscommunication. This patient had not slept or rested in days. Matt sat in the patient’s room and empathized with him. Limits were set and a contract was developed to keep both the patient safe and the staff feeling safe. Matt was able to connect with the patient, getting him to take his medications as prescribed.  This intervention was successful and the patient was able to rest and relax in his room, which is important for this patient’s healing.

Staff on the PMU celebrate with DAISY Award Recipient for September 2016, Matt Mogck

“I believe Matt is an empathetic, caring and compassionate nurse. He is sincere in his care for his patients – especially those living with mental illness. He is free from judgment and he seeks to understand. Matt had connected with this patient in a caring and therapeutic manner when no one else was able to be there for him. Matt does an awesome job.”

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