Congratulations to Fall 2016 Colleague Award Winners

Every three months, colleagues nominate dozens of their peers for the prestigious Colleagues Award, honoring those who embody the mission, vision and values of Mercy Health. A panel of clinical and non-clinical colleagues selects only a few winners.

Join President Bill Manns on Tuesday, October 25, at 3 p.m. on 5 Lacks for a ceremony that will honor the following Colleague Award Winners:

  • Lisa Dumkow, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy
  • James Hudson, MD, Heartside
  • Nicole Liversedge, RN IV, Southwest Emergency Department
  • Jary Lizardo, RN Case Manager, Clinica Santa Maria
  • Janice Roobol, Patient Care Assistant, Surgical Preparation

Below are excerpts from the nomination forms of each of the Colleagues Award recipients:

Lisa Dumkow, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy

dumkow-lisa-crA very knowledgeable, thorough and patient teacher, Lisa has been the pharmacy resident mentor, while still personally guiding numerous pharmacy residents and students each year. Lisa also takes time to help the Infectious Disease service provide education to medical residents, Pine Rest staff and other outpatient providers.

Her extensive infectious disease training — which she has applied to her pharmacist position and in creating the antibiotic stewardship program here at the organization — has made her a key member on many organizational committees and Trinity Health initiatives. Many colleagues view her as the “go-to reference” for infectious disease information and recommendations.

Lisa has had a key role in establishing collaborative practice agreements with the Emergency Department and outpatient centers to ensure that patients are on the correct antibiotics after discharge. The new and important policies that she has presented to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee have been shown to conserve drug supply, decrease hospital resistance patterns and improve patient outcomes. While she has been able to save the organization financially, her time, compassion and positivity are priceless.

James Hudson, Heartside

hudson-james_md-crJames has a mission: creating a chronic pain program that is dedicated to serving the underserved, vulnerable and homeless populations in Grand Rapids.

The population that James and Heartside serve is very vulnerable, and often they will not seek help because they feel that if they do they will be dismissed.

When patients see James, though, they always leave feeling more confident and comfortable getting care. James genuinely believes and practices the motto, “quality over quantity.” There is no cookie-cutter treatment plan in his practice — he knows each patient has different needs, and he works to meet all of them. He spends a lot of time getting to know each patient, and when he comes up with a care plan, he seeks input from them to see if any adjustments need to be made to better serve them.

His patients tell his colleagues: “I finally feel like someone understands me.”



Nicole Liversedge, RN IV, Southwest Emergency Department

liversedge-nicole-crKind, compassionate and caring, Nicole lives the Mercy Health Guiding Behaviors every day. She goes out of her way every single shift to make sure that her patients are well cared for, medically and spiritually. Nicole makes every patient feel special.

She has built very positive and strong collaborative relationships throughout the organization. As the chair of the Unit-Based Council, Nicole represents the Southwest Emergency Department at councils and has been responsible for implementing change processes and decisions, all while also doing the department supply ordering.

Her colleagues call Nicole their cheerleader. She is definitely a “how can we” person. When the Unit-Based Council recommended the implementation of white boards, Nicole thought of a way to help her colleagues remember to use them. She created a name jar for staff to submit names of anyone they saw using the board. Names are pulled from the jar, and the winners get small treats. With Nicole’s help, remembering to use the white boards has become much easier.

Jary Lizardo, RN Case Manager, Clinica Santa Maria

lizardo-jary-crFueled by true passion, Jary works hard as both a case worker and educator. His patients love him, and he provides a service that they can’t receive anywhere else. He coordinates care among providers in the hospital, clinic and outside specialties, and has recently taken on the immunizations program at Clinica Santa Maria, which is a huge undertaking. He always maintains a positive attitude and works hard to get the best for his patients.

Jary not only helps patients in the office but also meets with them at the hospital, goes to their homes, or travels wherever they may need assistance. He has secured shoes for people with diabetes who would otherwise not have them. Coordinating care in both English and Spanish, Jary makes sure that patients have access to the resources they need. When the situation calls for it, he connects with patients after hours or on the weekends to check that they are okay. He is an amazing example of passion and dedication to Mercy Health’s core values.



Janice Roobol, Patient Care Assistant, Surgical Preparation

roobol-janice-crWhen the Surgical Preparation Department moved to a new location, Janice stepped up to the plate to make sure that the needs of the nursing staff and patients were met with the supplies they needed to do their jobs.

Over the two-year course of the project, she helped evaluate the rooms, equipment and supplies, working with construction teams to make sure that everything functioned properly. She ordered supplies and coordinated stocking for the new unit. If the nurses had any questions or requests, she was right there to act as go-between with Dispatch.

Janice put in many hours over and above her normal day throughout the moving process. She still did patient care and assisted the nurses without complaining about the extra workload. On the day of the move, Janice came in early to help with patient care at 5:30 a.m. and then organized the actual moving of equipment from the old unit to the new one. She stayed until almost 11 p.m., refusing to go home until everything was done.

Her supervisor and three nominators all agree that Janice’s exemplary work single-handedly smoothed a difficult transition for both nurses and patients.



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