Record-breaking Ten Nominations Earn Liz Tibbe the DAISY Award for October 2016

Congratulations to Liz Tibbe, nurse on 3 Lacks, who is the October 2016 recipient of the DAISY Award!

Tibbe received ten nominations, both from fellow 3 Lacks staff and from patients and their families, all commending Tibbe on her extraordinary compassion and care.


Liz with Kylie Shaumberg, one of the 10 nominators.

One patient’s daughter noted in her nomination of Tibbe: “My father was feeling down and depressed, being stuck in the hospital for many days. He missed the sunshine, the feel of the sun on his face. Liz heard this, and without even getting him out of his bed, she wheeled him up to 5 Lacks, into the open garden. My dad was able to ‘sunbathe,’ as he called it, and he was in such a better mood. I can’t believe how incredibly caring Liz was to make this happen for him.”

Liz signing her banner!

During the surprise ceremony for Tibbe, her colleagues hugged her, and Tibbe exclaimed it was a team effort. “Everyone on the unit does this for their patients! I couldn’t do this without such a great team!”

To denote how special it is to receive ten nominations, Liz Murphy, CNO, gifted Tibbe a special badge pin that depicts multiple daisies to designate her as a multiple nominee.

Congratulations to Tibbe and her team for their extraordinary care for patients!

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