Dr. Ron Ford Receives Doctor Appreciation Award — “Making the Difference”

Dr. Ford is surprised about the award.
Dr. Ford is surprised about the award.

Dr. Ron Ford consistently demonstrates the traits for a Doctor Appreciation Award recipient. He shows personal interest in and respect for all of his patients. He is also a tremendous surgeon.

Heather Stark continues to elaborate by sharing her family’s story:

“I have been on both sides when it comes to working with Dr. Ford. I work beside him as a surgical technologist, and I am the spouse of one of his recent patients. My husband was diagnosed with melanoma early December 2015. The day Dr. Ford was informed of my husband’s life-threatening disease, he couldn’t sleep. My husband and I had  just become new parents.

“Knowing this, Dr. Ford was very sympathetic to the challenges we were about to face. He became directly involved and moved very efficiently and aggressively to address my husband’s melanoma.

“Dr. Ford joined forces with Dr. Winkle and scheduled the surgery just one short week later. In doing this, Dr. Ford selflessly gave up his bock OR time so that Dr. Winkle could take as long as he needed to perform his part of the surgery. Dr. Ford also provided us with his cell phone number to remain in contact in case we had any questions.

cake-1“During my husband’s surgery, Dr. Ford remained in constant communication with me and my family to keep us informed. Needless to say, he saved my husband’s life by acting so quickly. From the time of the diagnosis to the final lab results and surgery — only three weeks had past. That alone is amazing!

“Dr. Ford gave us a sense of peace and comfort in knowing that we were being very well taken care of throughout this entire process. I see him share this compassion with every patient he encounters,  but being on the other side truly makes me feel more proud to know him. Being his patient’s spouse, I was able to see the bigger view of the type of doctor and man that Dr. Ford really is. I am so fortunate to work with him.”

Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Ford. Mercy Health Saint Mary’s appreciates you!



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