Paul Frank: Former Marine, Retiree and Mercy Health Volunteer

According to research, volunteering can a healthy way for people to spend their time. Volunteering not only gives individuals a feeling of satisfaction and purpose, but it can actually be good for one’s social, physical and mental health.1

frank-paul-at-reception-crPaul Frank seems to know that instinctively. For more than five years he volunteered in Mercy Health’s Emergency Department where he was able to “help save lives.” Now he works as a patient transport volunteer, which gives him an opportunity to speak with patients and their families and sometimes “swap war stories” with other veterans he meets during his shift.

Wearing his red Marine Corps hat for Veteran’s Day, Paul shared how proud he is to have been a marine who served for 14 months in Korea. Being in the U.S. military and volunteering for a nonprofit share a common theme — they involve giving service to others.

“At the end of the day,” said Frank, “volunteering at Mercy Health and serving my country both make me feel good, like I have made a difference.”

A widower for five years, Frank loves the camaraderie and social aspects of volunteering too. “And the pay isn’t bad, either,” he said with a smile. “I work for hugs, and all of the nurses know that.”

1Source: West Michigan Plus, June-July, 2016, “For Better Health and More Happiness…Volunteer.”

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