10 Tips for Handling the Holiday Blues

10 Tips for Handling the Holiday Blues

For many of us, making time during the holidays for social events; doing the cooking, the shopping and the entertaining; and trying our best to care for ourselves and our families can be hectic. The hustle, bustle and stress can even lead to a dark period of anxiety, loneliness and regret for some.

This holiday season, Mercy Health would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to care for yourself, and your loved ones, by reminding you of the importance of preventive care, including embracing a healthy spirit.

  1. Keep your expectations manageable and set realistic goals for yourself. Prioritize the important activities.
  2. Be realistic about what you can do. Don’t put the focus on just one day. Activities can be spread out to lessen stress and increase enjoyment.
  3. The holiday season doesn’t eliminate reasons for feeling sad or lonely; there is room for these feelings to be present, even if you choose not to express them.
  4. Life brings changes. Each season is different and can be enjoyed and celebrated in its own way. Don’t set yourself up in comparing today with the “good ol’ days.”
  5. Try volunteering some of your time to help others.
  6. Enjoy free activities, such as viewing outdoor holiday decorations, window shopping or making a snowman.
  7. Be aware that excessive drinking will only increase your feelings of depression.
  8. Try something new. Celebrate the holidays in a new way.
  9. Spend time with supportive, caring people. Make new friends or contact someone you’ve lost track of.
  10. Save time for yourself and recharge your batteries! Let others share in the responsibility of planning activities.

If you feel like you need assistance in managing your stress, or if you can’t seem to shake the holiday blues, consider reaching out to one of the following:

Mercy Health’s Employee Assistance Program, CareBridge, offers free, confidential help to all colleagues. Call 800.437.0911 or learn more here.

  • One of our Mercy Health chaplains: call 616.685.6338 (Saint Mary’s Campus), or 231.672.2000 (for Mercy Health Muskegon Campuses).
  • Your primary care physician, who can help coordinate your care and refer you to a specialist.Taking care of yourself during the holidays will help you ring in the new year in better health.


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