Mercy Health Muskegon DAISY Award Winner, Lynda Schmitt, RN

DAISY Award Winner – Mercy Health Muskegon

The November 2016 DAISY Award winner is Lynda Schmitt, RN from Emergency Department at the Mercy Campus.   Lynda was nominated by one of her peers, Diane Harig.schmitt-november-2016

“I am nominating Lynda for the DAISY Award for the way she has continued through the years to exemplify nursing, as well as her dedication to Mercy Health.  She has shown this though a myriad of ways.  She also has dedicated herself to helping others around the world.  Finally, she remains dedicated to advancing the unit through her devotion.

Lynda has been a nurse for many years.  She has shown her dedication to Mercy in the way she joined committees, and in seeking to better Mercy Health.  She is passionate about decreasing wait times and moving our patients to the floors in a timely manner.  This is one area she has been working to improve since her start date.  She believes this not because of the impact on herself, but for the impact to our patients and their comfort.  She currently is on PNPC, UBC and also volunteers for other projects as they present.  She does this because she wants to make Mercy the place that people come for their care. 

Lynda is a passionate nurse as well.  She has been serving in Haiti for well over 5 years, helping to improve the lives of people who live there.  She does this through mission trips, as well as financially supporting people there.  She is inspirational in how she gives up money she could be making here to go and serve others.  If you talk to Lynda for any period of time, you know that part of her heart is in Haiti.  Through this, she is teaching the younger nurses we work with, the value of service to others for no financial benefit of their own, but for the betterment of others. 

Finally, Lynda is very dedicated to our unit.  She collects pop cans for our unit, and then buys things with that money that we need.  Again, she reaps no personal reward, she does this to help her fellow nurses lives to be better.  It is in those small things that we are all encouraged, whether she is buying ketchup, plates, or a cake, it enriches our lives.  She uses some of the money to assist others, whether it be a donation to assist our staff, staff in the hospital, or paramedics, she finds a cause to give this money to.  She also serves on committees so that the ER has a voice in what happens to us, and through us.  She is very passionate about nursing, even though she is close to retirement. 

Lynda embodies the nurse we all hope to be.  She is dedicated, passionate and proactive.  She works hard not just for how it impacts herself, but how it impacts those around her.  Our world at Mercy is a much better place because of Lynda.”

Lynda was honored with a surprise ceremony on her unit in front of her leaders and peers.  To nominate a well deserving nurse, please complete the nomination form located on the Mercy Health Muskegon Intranet. 


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