Mercy Health Colleagues Raise Funds for Reflection Room on Lakeshore Campus

interior view of the Reflection Room
Interior view of the Reflection Room

It’s one thing to talk about providing compassionate care, and it’s another to actually make it a priority.

In 2010, 15 colleagues at the Mercy Health Lakeshore Campus in Shelby began to raise funds to benefit the hospital through the Lakeshore Campus Team Club. The staff wanted to donate to a project that would deem beneficial for patients and families.

Colleagues considered several ideas and ultimately they decided that the funds would go toward the building of a non-denominational Reflection Room for families and visitors to use when a tragedy or death occurs.






Inspiring Artwork
Inspiring Artwork

Prior to the installation of the Reflection Room in the lobby of the hospital, families in crisis were shown to a conference room for privacy.

In 2016, Jay Bryan, president, Mercy Health Lakeshore Campus, was able to bring the plans to fruition by obtaining additional funds from the Mercy Health Lakeshore Campus Advisory Board.

“We were given $30,000 to complete this important project for our community,” said Bryan. “Together with the funds raised by our colleagues, Mercy Health has been able to build this room for our visitors and families.”








Stained Glass windows close upIn keeping with the rural setting of the campus, the Reflection Room has a pastoral, country feel. Visitors will soon be able to sit on wooden pews resembling those of an old-fashioned country church. Two stained glass windows obtained from the chapel on Mercy Health General Campus were repurposed for this new room. In addition, comforting artwork from Todd & Brad Reed Photography in Ludington adds to the peaceful setting.





Inspiring artwork
Inspiring Artwork

“The gospels are replete with examples of how Jesus retreated to quiet spaces for prayer, reflection, and healing,” said Jennifer Hayworth, director of mission integration, Mercy Health Muskegon. “Congruent with our mission, Lakeshore’s new reflection room provides patients, their families, and our colleagues with a sacred space in which they can connect intimately with a transcendent source of healing in their lives. It is a visible symbol of who we are as a faith-based health ministry — one committed to the care of the whole person mind, body, and spirit.”

The dedication of the new Reflection Room will take place on Wednesday, January 18 at the Mercy Health Lakeshore Campus from 1-2 p.m.


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