DAISY Honoree for February 2017 – Ashley Mize, 8 Main, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

Ashley signing the banner, resized
Ashley Mize, a nurse from 8 Main at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, signs the DAISY banner as the latest honoree.

Congratulations to Ashley Mize, RN, from 8 Main, whose nomination from Kelly Wybenga, said the following:

“I truly feel Ashley saved the life of our patient’s granddaughter that night.

“Ashley Mize exemplified true compassion and exceptional care to family members of a patient who passed away unexpectedly.

“We had a patient who was cared for by her two granddaughters, who were very involved and concerned about their grandmother. One night, this patient took a turn for the worst. Her granddaughters became hysterical, crying and shouting out for their grandma to wake up. Multiple staff members responded promptly and tended to the dying patient.

“Ashley knew from previous conversations that one of the granddaughters suffers from a mental illness and was previously hospitalized for suicide attempt. She saw that this family member was not coping in a healthy fashion and posed a danger to herself. Ashley immediately called interpretation services (as this family member was primarily Spanish-speaking) and had a Spanish interpreter come to the unit right away. She made sure the granddaughter was safe from harm by removing bottles of medication.

small group shot, DAISY, Ashley Mize, resized
From left to right: Liz Murphy, Ashley Mize, Jill McNamara and Kelly Wybenga, nominator of Ashley Mize.

Ashley comforted this granddaughter and helped her when she was having an anxiety attack and hyperventilating. She comforted the granddaughter by allowing the girl to weep on her shoulder for 45 minutes. Ashley reassured both granddaughters that the patient was no longer suffering or in pain, and how blessed this patient was to have two granddaughters who loved and cared for her so much. Eventually, the granddaughters came to terms with the situation.

Ashley saw the urgency in the family’s state of distress and intervened immediately. She is an exceptional nurse and colleague. She deserves this award because of so many reasons: her compassion, resilience, teamwork, communication and collaboration.”


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