Congratulations to Abby Howell, 8 Main, February 2017 DAISY Award for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

Abby Howell
Abby Howell, BSN, RN, who works on 8 Main, is the recipient of February 2017’s DAISY Award at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. Howell was nominated by two separate colleagues, both noting her compassion and willingness to communicate respectfully with patients and their families.

The Work Environment Council (WEC) presented Abby Howell BSN, RN, 8 Main, with a DAISY Award in February 2017. Howell was nominated by two separate people, Tim Petersen BSN, RN, PCCN and David Vander Ark MSN, RN-BC professional development specialist.

Petersen shared a story of a stroke patient that Abby effectively calmed down and began communicating with. Due to his stroke, the patient was very upset and even swinging at staff. “Abby recognized the patient was acting out due to frustration from not being able to communicate with anyone. She looked for a communication board on her unit. When she could not find one, Abby took the time to me create one herself. The patient was extremely grateful and became much more cooperative and no longer lashed out at staff.”

Vander Ark described an instance where Howell’s compassion and empathy were amazing.

Just a week after she finished orientation as a new graduate nurse, Howell was interacting with a patient and his wife. Vander Ark said, “This patient was going through alcohol withdrawal and was acting out in a very difficult way. Despite the patient’s rudeness, Abby was calm and patient with him….and was also very compassionate and supportive to his wife, who was very distraught through this situation. When Abby came out of the room, I commented to her about how she had communicated with this family during a really challenging situation. Abby’s response showed a depth of empathy that is rare for a new nurse: ‘I just put myself in her shoes. He didn’t plan to become an alcoholic, and she didn’t do anything wrong. I couldn’t blame her for the way he was acting.'”

Thank you Howell for all you do to take excellent care for our patients!



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