Inspiring Others Through Blood Donation – Lisa DeVries, PharmD

Lisa Devries
Lisa DeVries, PharmD, has donated 3.2 gallons of blood through the onsite blood drives, hosted by Michigan Blood.

A longtime blood donor, Lisa DeVries, PharmD, is inspired to donate blood at the Michigan Blood drives onsite at Mercy Health because of her calling of working in Oncology. “I donate blood because it makes me feel good to think that I may be helping one of my very own patients!”

DeVries doesn’t miss a blood drive at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Campus, citing convenience of location as to why she donates so often.

Thanks to her tenacity and love of altruistic giving, DeVries has hit the 3.2 gallon mark and has been an inspiration to her colleagues, students and pharmacy residents, who have donated alongside her over the years.

“Donating blood is a fulfilling gift, and it’s always needed.”

If you are interested in donating blood, attend the blood drives held onsite by Michigan Blood, or visit for more information.

Next onsite blood drive is Friday, April 21! You can schedule an appointment here>>

Do you donate blood at Mercy Health? We want to hear from you! Please email for consideration.

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