Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Celebrates Outstanding Colleagues

Each year, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s and Mercy Health Physician Partners honor colleagues who embody the organization’s Guiding Behaviors. These colleagues serve as role models for others and are honored each quarter by President Bill Manns at a Colleague Awards Ceremony. The next Colleague Awards Ceremony is tomorrow on 5 Lacks, where the following individuals will be recognized for their exceptional impact on quality care and service delivery.

Rhonda Bultman, PCA, 4 Lacks

Bultman, Rhonda-2Well-respected by her coworkers for having the heart of a servant, Rhonda Bultman has demonstrated outstanding compassion to one of our long-term patients. Rhonda has been able to establish a trusting relationship with a man who was difficult to care for because of his wariness of others. Rhonda made sure that his room was decorated for Christmas, that he has movies he enjoys, and that his hair and clothing are cared for. His family does not visit regularly, so Rhonda has taken it upon herself to be mindful of what brings him comfort.

When outside agencies came to help with this man’s placement, Rhonda served as a valuable resource for how to gain his trust. She worked with the skilled nursing facility team for two days to help them understand this patient’s preferences and desires, with the goal of ensuring this man’s long-term placement success.

Rhonda makes our mission come to life. She cares for the underserved and forgotten, and that is why we saw such a tremendous change in this patient. She doesn’t seek recognition for her good work, and Rhonda is loved by all who work with her.

Lisa DeVries, PharmD, Oncology

DeVries, Lisa-2During interdisciplinary rounds on 4 Lacks, Lisa DeVries, PharmD, is engaged and positive, and she communicates with humor and compassion to our patients. She works tirelessly with patients to overcome the hurdles and red tape to get the medications they need. She is actively involved in collaboration, problem-solving and patient satisfaction to make our patients’ hospital stays the best possible.

Lisa takes the role of steward very seriously. On many occasions, she has found alternative solutions to save both the patient and the hospital costs on medication. Lisa encourages others to be good stewards and solution-oriented by encouraging openness. Colleagues eagerly await her arrival to the unit to ask questions and elicit support to meet patient needs.

Lisa has been a long-time supporter of Mercy Health, its mission and many volunteer opportunities that improve the community. She is a blood donor who has reached the 3.2 gallon mark, a participant in Relay for Life for many years, a supporter of the Drug Takeback program and a leader in starting the Infusion Center.

Lisa is very compassionate and caring for all of our patients and our entire community.

Julia Guest, RN, Rockford Urgent Care

Guest, Julia-2Julia is a rock for many Urgent Care colleagues. Last year was challenging with multiple schedule changes. To help prepare, Julia proactively offered to create a new schedule. She reached out to each staff member to figure out his or her preference on days and shifts. Then she worked diligently on a schedule that would please everyone in the department. It was not an easy task, but leadership and her colleagues greatly appreciated her efforts.

Julia goes above and beyond to ensure that patients and their families receive compassionate care at Urgent Care. If she sees any concern or possible miscommunication, she will talk with the patient, even if the patient is not assigned to her.

Julia speaks up each time she encounters an issue or a tip that she can share with her coworkers. Recently, she has written a playful, informative email called, “Julia’s Tips and Tricks” or “Julia’s Weekly Words of Wisdom,” to help colleagues provide better care for our patients. Staff seem to truly appreciate it.

I have worked with Julia for many years, and I have known her to be one of the most positive, encouraging and friendly people to work with. She is always in a good mood and offering to help others. Julia is never afraid to step up and help solve a problem.

Kathy Mills, Environmental Services

Mills, Kathy-2Frequently recognized by the patients that she serves on 8 Main, peers describe Kathy Mills as “dedicated, honest, thorough and customer-oriented.”

Kathy cleans every patient’s room as if it were her own home. She ensures an environment for every patient that promotes healing, safety and cleanliness. While cleaning every room, Kathy converses with the patients and makes personal connections with each of them, greeting them with a warm and friendly smile.

Kathy has built collaborative relationships with both colleagues and leadership on 8 Main. She shares her knowledge and skills to help others also ensure a clean environment for all of our patients.

Kathy understands how her contributions in Environmental Services have an impact on the overall success of the organization, and she strives for perfection in every situation.

Kathy’s high performance, drive and dedication to Mercy Health Saint Mary’s motivate others to also strive for the best.



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