State’s First Emergency Neurological Life Support Course

What Advanced Cardiac Life Support is to the heart, ENLS is to the brain and spinal cord.

 Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hosted the state’s first live Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) course on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

ENLS certification is a comprehensive, evidence-based program designed to help health care professionals improve patient care and outcomes during the first hours of a neurologic emergency. This class was designed for physicians, residents, APPs, nurses, pharmacists and paramedics. About 70 people participated.

“The purpose of the ENLS is to improve patient care, outcomes, and communication for those with acute neurological emergencies, when every second counts,” said Brandon Francis, MD, MPH, neuro-critical care provider at Mercy Health, and primary trainer for the ENLS course.

Brandon Francis and Muhammad FarooqBrandon Francis welcoming groupgroup in between sessionsMembers of Neuro Team who hosted first ENLS course, Katie Mann, Brandon Francis and Delaine Vanderlaanstroke care banner

Feedback from the event was overall positive:

  • This has been one of the most enjoyable CME experiences of my career.
  • Great course; I learned a lot. Excited to apply new knowledge! Thank you for supporting this course.
  • Fantastic course. Would love for this to be mandatory for all resident physicians.
  • Excellent resource. Would attend again and recommend without hesitation.

ENLS demonstrates a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach and provides a consistent set of protocols, practical checklists, decision points, and suggested communication. ENLS has been recommended by the Joint Commission as an important part of acute neurologic care and as continuing medical education (The Joint Commission. Standards FAQ Details. Web. 18 Apr. 2016). The ENLS certification is valid for two years.

Thanks to funding provided by the Saint Mary’s Foundation, Mercy Health chose to host a live educational course led by content experts to enable the facilitators to converse and answer questions in real-time with colleagues and community partners.

“ENLS is vital for not only those who treat emergent neurological issues, but also for the health of our patients throughout our community,” said Francis. “We are very pleased that this training has been so widely received by our clinicians and community partners.”

Due to the large amount of interest, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s plans to offer this ENLS course to the greater health care community in fall 2017.


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