Update: Man Reunites With 3 Off-Duty Mercy Health Nurses Who Saved His Life

On March 2, you learned on our news blog about three off-duty Mercy Health Muskegon nurses – Rose Emmons, Cindra Bringedahl and Martha Tutak – who resuscitated a man who had collapsed in downtown Muskegon at a local restaurant.

Michael Thaler received care from our health system and, on May 17, Thaler was reunited for a news conference with the nurses and the physician who cared for him. Local media were there to cover the reunion. Media coverage for the reunion garnered more than 255,000 views on local television news, a feature story on the front cover of the Muskegon Chronicle, as well as heavy social media engagement.

Click through the photo gallery for a glimpse into the special moments as the nurses are reunited with Michael Thaler.

all three nurses hugging MichaelGreg Loomis thanks nurses at eventMichael Thaler greeted by Cindra and Martha while news camera filmsMichael Thaler walks into media eventMichael Thaler with all three nursesnews conference ready to start!three nurses await their meetingthree nurses embrace Michael

This story is a testament to the dedication of our colleagues to being a transforming, healing presence in the communities we serve.

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