International Guests Learn From CNLs at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hosted five graduate students and doctoral students from Japan on Monday, July 24 and Tuesday, July 25, 2017. This is the second meeting in 2017 with nurses from Japan, and the fourth to date, due to our strong clinical nurse leader (CNL) presence and visionary nursing leadership.

CNL Kylie Schaumberg with OSF faculty and Yuki KimuraLaurie Schwartz and Hanae MiuraMary Harnish and Kiyoko AbeYukiko Oshimo, Megan Pashnik and Chris ChordYukiko Oshimo, Sarah Simon and Chris Chord

This most recent international exchange is the latest in a series that marks the strong collaboration of nursing expertise with Kyoto University, located in Japan, and Saint Anthony College of Nursing, a member of OSF Health Care in Rockford, Illinois.

Clinical Nurse Leaders from Mercy Health paired with a nurse from Japan for half a day to demonstrate what the duties and role of a CNL entailed. The visitors traveled the thousands of miles to learn from Mercy Health CNL experts.

group shot of CNLs with Visitors from Japan







Thanks to the nurses from Japan who were eager to learn what the role of a CNL is at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s:

  • Minoru Ishizaki, RN MSN, University of Tsukuba
  • Yuki Kimura, RN MSN, Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital
  • Yukiko Oshimo, RN, Kyoto University Hospital
  • Hanae Miura, PhD, RN, Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing
  • Kiyoko Abe, RN, PHN, PhD, Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing


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