Congratulations to Fall 2017 Colleague Award Recipients!

Mercy Health colleagues strive to live out the Trinity Health Core Values of reverence, commitment to those who are poor, justice, stewardship and integrity. Each quarter, four colleagues are chosen from many nominations for the prestigious Colleague Awards at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s.

Please celebrate with this quarter’s colleagues on October 31, 2017, at 3 p.m. on 5 Lacks during the Colleagues Award Ceremony, hosted by President Bill Manns. All are invited. Light refreshments provided.

– Hanna Liu, MA, Family Practice Residency
– Dena Marrison, RN, Labor and Delivery
– Bruce Shabahang, Physician, Thoracic-SBL
– Roxie Miller, Practice Leader, Family Practice Private

Hanna Liu

Hanna Liu, Medical Assistant, Family Practice Residency

Hanna has a keen awareness of underserved populations and their needs. She provides assistance to patients in any way she can, even if it means going above and beyond her job description. Excerpts from the testimonies of her colleagues describe how she helped patients return to their homes after visits to Mercy Health.

“Hanna takes the time to develop connections with her patients. In one instance, she ran into a patient waiting for a lab draw and discovered that the patient, a refugee who did not speak English and had a young child with her, did not have a ride home. She helped the patient find a way home, entertained her child, and sat with her until the patient could leave.

“She demonstrated her care for underserved populations again by creating a list of resources all about dental services, specifically for our low-income patients.”




Dena Marrison

Dena Marrison, Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery

Empathetic and understanding, Dena provides endless help and care to patients and colleagues alike. Dena continually empowers her colleagues, steps in to help without having to be asked, and makes sure each patient is treated with dignity and respect. Following are excerpts from the nomination submission:

“One day when a pre-term OB patient needed immediate attention, we did not have an available nurse to assign to her. Without hesitation, Dena admitted the patient, and delivered the baby, all while still fulfilling her charge nurse role. She stayed late to make sure the patient’s needs were met while assisting other RNs and still fulfilling her charge nurse roles. Although she did not leave work until a few hours past her shift, she did so with a smile and a great attitude. This is just one of the times that she has put her patients first and ensured they have received the highest quality of care.

“Dena is the most compassionate, caring, understanding, hardworking, and positive nurse I have ever had the honor to work with.”




Bruce Shabahang, MD

Bruce Shabahang, MD, Physician, Thoracic- SBL

A thoracic surgeon passionate about his work and patients, Dr. Shabahang proved that the bond between a patient and their physician can last a lifetime. The following story was described by a colleague.

“After a long day of surgery, Dr. Shabahang came to Hauenstein 2 to round on his patients. A family member approached a staff member on the unit to ask if that was Dr. Shabahang.  The family member described that her brother, nearing the end of his life, had once been a patient of Dr. Shabahang. She mentioned their special relationship, and how meaningful it would be if Dr. Shabahang could visit her brother and say goodbye to him. Dr. Shabahang returned to the unit and spent some time with this man and his family. When he left, he thanked the staff for paging him so he could come and be with the family. The man passed away shortly thereafter, but the family was so grateful that Dr. Shabahang cared enough about a former patient to take the time to come and say goodbye.”




Roxie Miller

Roxie Miller, Practice Leader III, Family Practice Private

Intelligent and always ready to share her knowledge, Roxie respects the dignity of her colleagues while helping them learn and answering their questions. Following are two colleagues’ experiences with Roxie:

“Roxie has so much experience and knowledge that she is willing to share with so much patience. She would be the person that if she sees you struggle with something, she will stop what she is doing to help you. Before she gives you an answer, she will make sure she understands your question or concern and then she will make sure you understood her answer.” Tabita Kuiper

Congratulations to all who were nominated and awarded.

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