Congratulations to the 2017 Diversity & Nursing Scholarship Recipients!

Erica Taylor, LPN

Thanks to a large grant from the Saint Mary’s Foundation, as well as private donations, a total of $42,500 in scholarship funds was granted to Mercy Health Saint Mary’s colleagues who are on their journey to become nurses.

Eighteen colleagues were selected during a competitive application process by the awards committee to receive the 2017 Nursing & Diversity Scholarship.

Carrie Lewis, who works as a health unit coordinator on Hauenstein 2, wants to use her continued education to become a nurse in the ICU, where she started as a PCA three years ago. “Winning this scholarship makes me feel great about my decision to continue on the not so easy journey towards becoming a nurse,” she said. “Knowing that I’m supported by Mercy Health to continue my education is an amazing feeling.”

Dionne Mayfield, PCA; Carrie Lewis , HUC; Natasha Russell, PCA; Jessica Ham, PCA; and Sadie Glore, PCA

Another colleague and scholarship winner, Jessica Ham, currently works a patient care assistant on Hauenstein 3. Currently finishing her nursing degree at Grand Valley State University, Ham hopes to work on Hauenstein 3 or 4 Lacks after graduation. Echoing Lewis’ feelings, Ham says, “Working at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has been such a blessing, I feel absolute joy starting each shift. I’m so blessed to have such supportive colleagues!”

Although not every applicant received a scholarship, Human Resources plans to work with each applicant to ensure they have access to existing organizational benefits, such as Tuition Reimbursement, and resources available throughout the community.


Lee Diener, RN; Lori Plank, LPN; and Erica Spearman, RN

“The scholarship committee felt strongly that the pool of candidates was indeed impressive, we encourage all applicants to continue their career pathway efforts and take advantage of our tuition reimbursement and other benefits, whether or not they received a scholarship,” said John Schwartz, CHRO, Mercy Health. “We are truly excited about the successes of each of our applicants and awardees, and our hope is to continue this scholarship with additional funding from the Saint Mary’s Foundation and others in this upcoming year, and beyond.”

Congratulations again to the 18 Mercy Health Saint Mary’s colleagues who have received the 2017 Diversity & Nursing Scholarship!



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