The Results Are In: Chapel Name Revealed for New Mercy Health Medical Center in Muskegon

Chapel Name Revealed for New Medical Center in MuskegonChapel Naming Task Force enters towerChapel Naming Task Force leaves Christman trailerChapel Name Revealed for New Medical Center in MuskegonClaudine Weber, Chief Philanthropy Officer exits towerTask Force walks through "trailer country" at construction site

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, members of the Spiritual Care Team and Mission Services/Spiritual Care Unit Based Council (UBC) gathered in the shell of the new Mercy Health medical center to announce the winner of the Chapel Naming Contest. The contest invited colleagues to vote for their favorite name.

More than 660 Mercy Health Muskegon colleagues participated via email vote, choosing Chapel of Divine Mercy as the name of the chapel that will be located in the Mercy Health medical center.

The contest asked colleagues to vote for their favorite name, which was determined by the process below:

A 27-member Chapel Naming Task Force, assembled by the mission services department, was invited to submit names for the new Mercy Health medical center chapel. Task Force membership was diverse, representing members of the Mercy Health Chapel Visioning team, leader group, clinicians, chaplains, and the greater Muskegon community.

Thirty nominations were received, and 19 met the criteria set forth by the Roman Catholic church for the naming of churches and chapels.

Members of the Chapel Naming Task Force were each asked to vote anonymously for three names from the 19 semi-finalist names submitted, and four names clearly emerged as the top vote-getters, listed below (in no particular order):

Chapel of Divine Mercy

      Within Roman Catholicism, the Divine Mercy devotion honors the merciful love of God and our desire to let that love and mercy flow through our own hearts toward those most in need of healing.

 Chapel of Christ the Healer

      References our identity and commitment to continue Jesus’ mission of compassionate love and transforming healing in our community

 Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

      Our Lady of Mercy honors the compassionate, healing presence of Mary, Mother of God and the Sisters of Mercy whose devotion to her and Christ called them into the sacred work of healing.

 Blessed Trinity Chapel

      Recognizes our heritage as a Christian health ministry and the three diverse legacies that have come to form Mercy Health Muskegon.

Voting was close, with only a four percent spread between the first and fourth choices.

Thank you to all of our colleagues who took the time to vote. Chapel of Divine Mercy is truly “your” chapel…a place of solace and faith where we will gather for years to come.


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