Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Over time, full-time Aquinas College Assistant Baseball Coach Casey Wila has developed an excellent relationship with surgeon Timothy Henne, MD.

That’s because during the last decade, Dr. Henne has performed three orthopedic surgeries on Wila’s four sports-related injuries.

An active athlete throughout his life, in high school Wila played baseball, basketball and football. His ongoing passion for athletics took a toll on his body.

Wila and Dr. Henne met for the first time shortly after Wila injured his right ACL during his junior year in high school.

“Dr. Henne makes you feel super comfortable. He’s a regular guy…you can talk to him about anything. He treats everyone like a friend and is very personable. That’s why patients are at ease with him.”

As an athlete at Aquinas College, Wila then injured his left ACL, and also broke his ankle and femur.

Casey Wila and Dr. Henne

Dr. Henne performed Wila’s first three surgeries, and Geoffrey Sandman, MD, repaired Wila’s femur during his most recent surgery.

“Both surgeons are consummate professionals,” said Wila. “They explained my injuries to me and made sure I was comfortable with all aspects of my treatment and rehab. Throughout all four surgeries, I received very good, high quality care.”

“It speaks to Casey’s character and resilience that he could be knocked down four times and pick himself up and have a good attitude about it,” said Dr. Henne about Wila.

After undergoing his surgeries, Wila speaks from ample experience as he encourages other patients to stick with their rehab regimen.

“You need to do the rehab the doctors recommend to give you the quality of life you want.” Wila’s femur injury was particularly significant because he had to start from scratch.

“I had to learn to walk again and put weight on that leg, and I’m glad I did everything that was recommended. I trust my doctors.”

Coach Wila is grateful to be back to doing what he truly enjoys. “Coaching has been the most challenging and rewarding experience in my life. I look forward to coaching for a long time. Thanks to Mercy Health, I’m back to playing sports, coaching and good health.”


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