“A Fun Night In” – Acute Rehab Unit Organizes Activities for Patients in Muskegon

With winter blues on the horizon, acute rehab patients receive much-needed energy boost from coordinated evening activities.

Patient surveys and discharge phone calls revealed that patients of the Acute Rehab Unit were

Amanda DeRose, speech-language pathologist for Mercy Health Muskegon, helps a patient choose a game during Activity Night

dealing with loneliness and boredom in the evenings – particularly during times when it was hard for family to come and visit. To address this concern, the members of the Acute Rehab Unit Based Council began offering a monthly activity night – a welcomed distraction for patients who are in the Acute Rehab Unit after an accident, trauma or other serious injury. Mercy Health Muskegon Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) collaborated with the Acute Rehab Unit colleagues to provide an “Activity Night” for their patients. The PFAC is part of the Relationship-Based Care framework at Mercy Health, a culture transformation model that improves safety, quality, patient satisfaction and colleague satisfaction by enhancing every relationship within an organization.

“I consider my time volunteering at our Rehab Unit’s BINGO Activity Night a true privilege,” said Chalie Weaver, Activity Night volunteer and operations coordinator for clinical engineering at Mercy Health Muskegon. “Over the course of the evening, I am able to engage with a variety of individuals of all ages. Some had family members joining them, and others did not. One individual who truly stood out was a patient named Mary. In a few short minutes, I don’t know who was having more fun – her or myself. Mary was studying my BINGO card and helping me as much as I was assisting her. As I stopped for a moment to take it all in, I looked around and witnessed such joy, fellowship and normalcy for those who might not have felt that way otherwise due to their condition.”

Patients enjoying fellowship and camaraderie during Activity Night

“As a Unit Based Council (UBC), we noticed through the discharge phone calls and Press Ganey surveys that patients were reporting the need for activities in the evening, or told us they were bored at night,”  said Amanda DeRose, Speech and Language Pathologist in the Acute Rehab Unit for Mercy Health Muskegon. As a UBC group we decided we wanted to start an activity night for the patients to give them something fun to do, keep their spirits up and offer fellowship and positivity for everyone on the unit.”

The events are overseen by Mercy Health Muskegon colleagues who volunteer their time outside of the normal work schedule. This connects with Mercy Health Relationship Based Care principles of providing a caring and healing practice environment, exhibiting exemplary management and leadership traits, and implementing system improvements.

The group is always looking for volunteers that would like to assist with the Activity Nights. “If we had more volunteers we would love to offer these activities bimonthly or even weekly,” said DeRose.

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering for the Acute Rehab Activity Nights, please contact Amada DeRose at derosea@trinity-health.org.

Patients playing BINGO during Activity Night

Available in Muskegon, Mercy Health and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital work in collaboration to offer Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation, where they help patients achieve the highest level of independence and function after experiencing a life-changing injury, illness or surgery.

The staff’s two primary goals for all patients are to help them regain enough functional improvement and independence to allow for safe discharge from the unit and resume as many daily activities as possible, and to help identify the most appropriate setting for patients after their stay in the unit.

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