Patient Describes DAISY Award Recipient Aaron Agrusa as “Friend”

Aaron Argusa, BSN, RN, DAISY Award recipient, proudly displays his award after a brief ceremony held in his honor.

Congratulations to Aaron Agrusa, BSN, RN, from 4 Lacks, who was selected as the DAISY Award recipient in November 2017. Due to his compassionate care for a confused, elderly patient, Agrusa was called a “friend” by this patient.

Below is an excerpt from his nomination form:

“One day, a confused, elderly patient wandered from his room and was unable to find his way back. He was upset and confused when Aaron kindly and calmly approached him and introduced himself. Aaron listened and walked with the patient back to his room, all the while establishing a compassionate rapport. Once in his room, Aaron sat with the patient for nearly 20 minutes to make sure the patient felt safe. Aaron asked the patient, ‘What can I communicate to the doctor for you?’

4 Lacks group shotAaron signing the banner

“By using compassion and understanding, Aaron was able to de-escalate the situation and form a trusting relationship with this vulnerable patient. Aaron later used his break time to check on the patient. Aaron got a snack for the patient and sat with him to just talk. This patient was kept safe and the patient now refers to Aaron as ‘my friend.'”

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