The Benefits of Nursing at Mercy Health Extend Beyond the Hospital Walls

Cake to celebrate the first private cohort of IWU RN to BSN students at Mercy Health

Mercy Health is committed to developing our nursing talent so that they may reach their maximum potential as patient care providers, and achieve the best possible results for our patients.

A newly formed partnership between Mercy Health and Indiana Wesleyan University allows current registered nurses from both Mercy Health Muskegon and Mercy Health Saint Mary’s in Grand Rapids to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) online while continuing their people-centered care in our facilities. The first private cohort of 21 students began their educational journey on January 24, 2018 and will complete the program in October 2019. The endeavor is coordinated by the Mercy Health regional human resources department, and led by Linda Dunmore, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CPHQ senior director of clinical services and Victoria Thomas, administrative secretary, HR Operations.

Higher Education Linked to Better Patient Outcomes

According to studies reported by the American Nurses Association (ANA), there is a direct correlation between the level of education of registered nurses and more consistent, positive patient outcomes. Currently, only about half of all registered nurses hold a BSN. The ANA found that organizations with higher rates of nurses with a BSN degree are associated with significant reductions in adverse patient outcomes such as failure to rescue and patient mortality.

The study also shows a 10-point increase in a hospital’s percentage of BSN prepared nurses is associated with a reduction of 2.12 to 7.47 deaths for every 1,000 patients per year.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Prospective students learn more about IWU RN to BSN program

The 22-month regional program is offered to any full- or part-time colleague who has completed their associate degree and is interested in earning their BSN. The layout of coursework is designed with staggered breaks in order to give colleagues time to reflect at the end of coursework sections, while also allowing each participant to receive the maximum educational reimbursement from Mercy Health each fiscal year.

BSN is Just the Beginning

“We are also thinking about adding a Master of Science in Nursing to the educational path, which could begin as early as April of this year,” said Dunmore. In addition, an MSN/MBA is being considered for those interested in the administration side of health care, with classes set to begin in August 2018. “We are surveying nurses now, re-examining interest, and will invite the enrollment representative from IWU onsite to recruit and talk with our colleagues.”

To learn more about career advancement in nursing at Mercy Health, click here

For questions regarding regional tuition reimbursement for educational development or available scholarships, please contact:

Muskegon colleagues: Victoria Thomas,

Grand Rapids colleagues: Sandra Vermeulen,

If you’d like more information about the next private IWU cohort for BSN completion, please contact Linda Dunmore at



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