Friend of Nursing Recipient Supports Struggling Patient by Listening

Jillian Boukma, PCA, recipient of Friend of Nursing Award, is surprised by the event in her honor by CNO Liz Murphy.

Jillian Boukma, PCA, who works in the Lacks Outpatient Surgery department, is credited for always rising above what’s expected of her in order to serve her department and especially her patients of Mercy Health in a positive and helpful manner. While Boukma does this daily, Sara Leary, a nurse in outpatient surgery, noted one exemplary encounter for which she nominated Boukma for the Friend of Nursing Award.

An excerpt from the nomination form reads:

“One day, Jillian was working with a patient who was preparing surgery for their second battle with cancer. The patient was understandably upset with their present health-related situation. At one point, the patient even expressed an interest to cancel their surgery out of frustration.

“Rather than going through the motions of her job and just brushing off the criticism, Jillian instead chose to begin a conversation with the patient and listen to the personal struggles of that patient – serving as a source of support for this individual.

“It is because of Jillian that the patient is continuing to use our resources at Mercy Health to assist in the battle with cancer.

“While we are unable to fully understand what causes our ailments, it is our job to make our patients’ experiences the best that they can possibly be, so they know that we care.

“We are proud to have staff members like Jillian Boukma as a part of our Mercy Health team to help us achieve this mission.”

Lacks Outpatient Surgery team supporting Jillian BoukmaSara Leary reads her nomination form to Jilliam Boukma

Congratulations to Boukma on this recognition!

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