Colleagues Recognized for Going Above & Beyond

The Mercy Health Muskegon Above and Beyond luncheon  honored 14 colleagues for their exemplary service to patients, visitors and fellow peers on Tuesday, July 17 in the Hackley Youngberg Auditorium. The individuals selected demonstrated Mercy Health’s commitment to excellence, quality and compassion.

  • Candace Coleman, Practice Manager – Shoreline Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Sara Holzgen, Physician – Lakes OB/GYN
  • Raemyra Jones, Mercy Imaging
  • Ka’san Black, Susan Ketchum, David Hamilton, Wanda DeYoung – Nutritional Services
  • Kasie Wood, Lab Courier – Lakeshore Campus
  • David Walters, Finance
  • Laura Sullivan, Clinical Assistant – Northshore Family Medicine
  • Amber Villapando – Harborwood Family Medicine
  • Nanette Panici-Farrell, Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Matt Perkins, Pharmacy
  • Rudy Fyan, Ambulatory Informatics (Athena Team)

Mercy Health Muskegon President Gary Allore read each nomination story aloud before presenting awards to the selected colleagues. From donating shoes to a vulnerable patient, accompanying a worried expectant mother in an ambulance during an emergency, or stepping in to help colleagues in other departments – even when the duties are completely outside of the scope of one’s job – these individuals, and many more just like them, are the nucleolus of the Mercy Health culture. They are the ambassadors of servant leadership and positivity and the ones that will evolve and enhance the organization’s mission for years to come.


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