“I really can do this, I can be an RN”: Tenth Cohort of RN Residents Shares Lessons

Cohort 10 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s comprised 30 RN Residents, the largest group to date. The RN residents celebrated with a poster presentation to hospital and nursing leadership on July 23, 2018.

“The RN residency taught me many things, but something that surprised me was that it taught me that I really can do this, I can be an RN,” said Jessica Jeffers, BSN, RN, who works on 3 Lacks at Mercy Health.

“This experience really is the best way to get a new nurse going in their practice,” echoed Adelyn Pilarski, BSN, RN, who works on 7 Main. “The residency pushed me in the beginning of my career to remember everything that I learned in school and really helped me to remember that I need to care for myself before I care for any of my patients.”

Jeffers and Pilarksi are just two of the 30 RN residents who completed the year-long course as the Tenth Cohort of RN Residents at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. For more than three years, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, and more recently, Mercy Health Muskegon have worked with newly hired registered nurses during their first year to promote learning in a safe environment, where other new nurses may have similar questions and experiences.

New for this cohort was the introduction of nurses who work for Mercy Health Physician Partners (MHPP) in Grand Rapids.

Tanya Holton, the inaugural MHPP nurse to participate in the RN residency program, agreed that both she and her patients will benefit from the experience: “I was exposed to information about many of the terrific resources available to our patients. Now I’m able to share this information about these resources to help my patients.”

Dan Green and Bill Manns meet w nurses in the tenth cohortDave McEwen listens to Tanya Holton, MHPP Rockford OfficeNurses from 4 Lacks with their poster presentationNurses from 8 Main and PMURN Residents from Birth Center describe project to Bill Manns

To celebrate the year-long residency of newly hired registered nurses, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Tenth Cohort presented its evidence-based practice projects to members of Senior Leadership, Nursing Leadership and other nurses at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s on July 23, 2018.

Congratulations to the following members of the Tenth Cohort, which is the largest group to date:

MHPP Rockford

  • Tanya Holton

Emergency Department

  • Katie Daniels
  • Jesse Ensign
  • Madison Sullivan

Hauenstein 2

  • Laura Droog
  • Allison Gast
  • Morgan Gagnon

Hauenstein 3

  • Victoria Killian
  • Sarah Flickinger
  • Elise Vander Weele
  • Allison White


  • Rachel Hock
  • Kim Cober

Psych Med Unit

  • Mandy Fortier

7 Main

  • Shelly Friedman
  • Adelyn Pilarski
  • Afo Odhu

8 Main

  • Jesse Scott
  • Alyssa Kloosterhouse

Maternal Child

  • Lucy Montanaro
  • Natalie Carothers
  • Aubrey Opaski

4 Lacks

  • Jordan Vickery
  • Katie Schoenborn
  • Clayton McNamara
  • Alayna Stratton

3 Lacks

  • Andrea Czerny
  • Jessica Jeffers
  • Morgan LePoire
  • Bekah Sauers

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