Baljit Deol, MD, Neurointerventionalist Receives Physician Appreciation Award

Baljit Deol, MD, was surprised to receive the Physician Appreciation Award. He was nominated by Amy Groenhout, with whom he works closely.

Each quarter, an outstanding physician is selected for the Physician Appreciation Award, and none is more deserving than the fall 2018 recipient, Baljit Deol, MD, neurointerventionalist. Below is an excerpt from his nomination form:

“Mercy Health and our community are very lucky to have Dr. Deol working in the Neurointervention department. Whether his patients are 28 or 91, he takes care of them as the special individual that they are. His character and determination that provide the best care for his patients every day don’t go unnoticed. His patients will often return to express thanks, and some have even brought him Christmas gifts! People often ask me, ‘Is he always this nice?’ To which I reply, ‘Yes!’ For six years, he was the sole provider on call for neurointervention service, taking care of people until late into the night and coming in on weekends to save lives. I never once heard him complain.

“Several months ago, per the AHA guidelines, we changed stroke protocol to increase the window to be able to treat patients who have experienced a stroke up to 24 hours since they were last known to be well. Even though this meant we could help even more people with treatments, it meant more work for Dr. Deol and the team, but he has taken it all in stride.

Mahummad Farooq,, MD, Amy Groenhout and Baljit Deol, MD, after the Physician Appreciation Award ceremony.

“How do you express thanks to someone who has taken care of so many patients and their loved ones, yet asks for so little in return?” asks Deol’s nominator, Amy Groenhout.

Deol has also received recognition for being only the second clinician in the world to perform a certain life-saving procedure, saving two lives, that of a 38-year-old woman experiencing a blood clot and her unborn baby in late 2016.

When he isn’t directly saving patients’ lives, Deol serves as a champion of the Saint Mary’s Foundation, supporting fundraising efforts that improve the health of our patients and our community.

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