“Nothing Short of Extraordinary Experience” for 17 Cohort 11 RN Residents at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s RN Cohort 11 Graduates

To celebrate the year-long residency of newly hired registered nurses, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s 11th Cohort presented its evidence-based practice projects to members of Senior Leadership, Nursing Leadership and other nurses at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s on October 16, 2018.

For more than three years, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, and more recently, Mercy Health Muskegon and Mercy Health Physician Partners, have worked with newly hired registered nurses during their first year on the job to promote learning in a safe environment, where other new nurses may have similar questions and experiences.

“My experience in the residency program has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Claire Spoelhof, RN, a Cohort 11 graduate who works on Hauenstein 3. “Learning from this organization has been a blessing and has shaped me into the nurse I became in my first year. I am looking forward to seeing how Mercy Health Saint Mary’s continues to shape me in my future practice.”

Another Cohort 11 grad from 4 Lacks, Kaylee Case, realized how daunting it is to work as a first-year nurse, until she came to join the program: “From the very beginning of my orientation, I remember distinctly thinking: ‘How am I possibly going to learn, remember, and implement all of the tasks that are expected of me?” As I watched many of the seasoned nurses on my floor advocate for their patients, collaborate with doctors and other staff, and expertly perform skills, I felt that I had an almost insurmountable amount of things to learn. Yet, I found that through the residency this first year I have been thoroughly prepared through expert nurses on 4 Lacks, through classes on topics I was to see commonly in practice, and through ample practical skill training.”

RN Residents in Cohort 11 represented eight different units and departments throughout Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. The new nurses within each unit worked together on their evidence-based projects that relate to their specific patient and staff needs for their department.

Cohort 11 final group shotElise Veurink BSN RNHaley Stroven BSN RN and Yawa Chokpelleh BS BSN RNKaylee Case BSN RN; Anna Streng BSN RN; Jessica Nequist BSN RN; Katie O'Hagan BSN RNLesie Rauschert BSN RN; Becca Waligorski BSN RN; Allison Tran BSN RNTami Weber BSN RN

Residents in Cohort 11:

Birth Center

  • Elise Veurink

Psych Med Unit

  • Becca Waligorski

7 Main

  • Rachel Hoegmoed
  • Amy Owens
  • Mariana Perez

8 Main

  • Yawa Chokpellah
  • Haley Stroven

4 Lacks

  • Kaylee Case
  • Jessica Nequist
  • Katelyn O’Hagan
  • Anna Streng


  • Leslie Rauschert

Hauenstein 2

  • Alison Tran

Hauenstein 3

  • Kathryn Mannes
  • Cecilia Mendoza-Jeronimo
  • Claire Spoelhof
  • Megan Wiltsie

To learn more about becoming a nurse at Mercy Health, please visit http://www.mercyhealth.com/careers.

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