Congratulations to Cohort 12 of the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s RN Residency Program

Cohort 12 of Nursing Residency Program at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

On February 7, 2019, Cohort 12 of the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s RN Residency Program presented their projects to Mercy Health colleagues while also celebrating their graduation.

“During our yearlong program that runs concurrently with their first year of nursing, these nurses completed evidence-based clinical practice projects designed to improve patient care and provide networking experiences within Mercy Health,” said, Sarah Choryan, RN, Professional Development Specialty Nursing.

While presenting their projects on a range of topics, several of these enthusiastic nurses shared their insights regarding the benefits that Mercy Health Saint Mary’s RN Residency Program provided for them as caregivers and clinical professionals.

Michael Baker, RN, (8 Main): “This program was beneficial. It helps mold you to being more confident as a caregiver. It helps you reflect on how you can better care for your patients. Our topic was Promoting Nursing Resiliency. We focused on compassion fatigue — the physical, emotional and spiritual sacrifices you make at work and how that impacts your work and personal life.”

Jade Bouvrette, RN, (ED): “We studied how to improve the standardized handoff when moving septic patients from the ER to the UCU. From a clinical standpoint, this study will help increase the efficiency of our handoffs from nurse to nurse. On a personal level, this program did more to improve my confidence as a nurse. There are other new nurses who also shared their experiences. During these past 12 months, we realized that we are all new, we are all learning, and no one is being left behind.”

Katie Kidder, RN, (Hauenstein 2, ICU): “It was really beneficial to form connections with people from different units. Our specific project helped me dig deeper into the needs of our unit.”

Katie Mastbergen, RN, (NICU): “Being in this residency program made me realize the support I have from colleagues not only in this cohort but also on my unit. I now know who my go-to’s are for more expertise.”

Kelly Scharboneau, RN, (4 Lacks): “Our study about Chest Tube Dressing Management allowed us to test whether our current practice helps to prevent infection. Our findings confirmed that it does. During this year I went through challenges I didn’t think I could overcome. This program is amazing — you share your stories, and you learn so much from others.

Jordan Sternik, RN, (Hauenstein 3): “My big takeaway was realizing that caring for a patient’s emotions is as important as taking care of someone physically.”

Cohort 12’s participants listed alphabetically:

Michael Baker

Jade Bouvrette

Jacqueline Deacon

Chelsey Downer*

Alyssa Drew

Katie Kidder

Sabrina Legace

Katie Mastbergen

Natasha Russell

Kelly Scharboneau

Kelsey Zinkil

*Not pictured.

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