Time is Life Annual Event

    Annual Mercy Health training event for EMS partners

Providing remarkable health care is not always accomplished on our own. Even before patients arrive at our hospital, our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) partners have often provided care. In recognition of this partnership, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s holds an annual Time is Life event, providing our EMS partners an opportunity to learn from Mercy Health providers while gaining continuing education EMS medical credits.

Pacerman StationPenumbra VasculatureSTEMI_Cardiogenic Shock_IABPSTEMI_Cardiogenic Shock_IABP StationStroke and Neurointervention

“We are beyond excited to put on this Time is Life event for our EMS partners. They play a critical role in clinical outcomes, and their prehospital care management and assessment is crucial,” said Dawn Korenstra, BSN, RN, EMS and Injury Prevention Coordinator at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. “Our goals are to build relationships, increase communication, and improve knowledge together to better help our community.”

The focus of this year’s event was educating participants about the difference in signs and symptoms of cardiac, stroke or imposters. The event included five breakout sessions featuring hands-on demonstrations and reviews of patient cases.

EMS partners from Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon and Grand Rapids were invited to attend.

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