Remarkable Milestone: 51 Years Working at Mercy Health

Nancy Bogue, PBX operator for Mercy Health Muskegon, celebrates 51 years of service. Bogue and many other Mercy Health colleagues with milestone anniversaries will be honored at a special event on March 28, 2019.

If you have called into the main phone line at Mercy Health Muskegon at any time during the past 51 years, you likely are familiar with the soothing voice of Nancy Bogue, PBX operator, Mercy Health.

Bogue and her fellow PBX (public broadcast exchange) operators answer the call for Mercy Health Muskegon 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The operators serve as Directory Assistance for physician offices throughout all of Muskegon and the lakeshore and assign primary care providers to patients who are admitted to the hospital without one. They can also page a provider or connect people with their loved ones in the hospital. Sometimes the first encounter a guest or patient will have with Mercy Health is with the PBX operators over the phone. In any given day, they can answer anywhere from 800-900 phone calls, with Mondays being their busiest days.

Starting out just one day a week on the switchboard at the General Campus in 1968, Bogue enjoyed working at Mercy Health and was able to secure an additional two days a week working for the hospital. Later, she began working full time, and during the years has worked at several different campuses.

“It’s the people who keep me coming back,” said Bogue. “We have such a great team here.”

Bogue worked for 30 years at the General Campus before applying for a job at the Mercy Campus 21 years ago.

“Over the years I worked at General, I would see three generations of families come in,” said Bogue, when the switchboard operators worked at the front desk as well, greeting patients and visitors.

Bogue has seen much change during her tenure, including the introduction of computers to the switchboard more than 25 years ago and using caller ID. The past few years have brought forth IntelliWeb, an internal system which “lets any colleague alpha page a provider from their desktop,” said Bogue.

Emergency codes and protocol have changed a lot, too, according to Bogue. “We used to have two codes, now we are up to 18 different codes that we can page overhead in case of emergency.”

As of March 2019, Bogue and the other the PBX operators work at Hackley Campus. With the building of the new Medical Center, the PBX operators will be returning to Mercy Campus, where Bogue had worked for 13 years before she transferred to the Hackley Campus for the past eight years.

“I have no plans to retire yet,” Bogue said, with a smile on her face.

PBX Operators Kim Henderson and Nancy Bogue with Paula Schmuck, supervisor, shared a day in their life at the switchboard.

Congratulations to Bogue and the many other Mercy Health Muskegon colleagues who will be celebrating milestone anniversaries of their employment at Mercy Health on Thursday, March 28, 2019.

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