DAISY Award Recipient Raf Ohli Will “Hold Special Place in Hearts” of Patient Family

Raf Ohli, Hauenstein 2 nurse, was honored with the DAISY Award for February 2019 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s.

Congratulations to Rafael Ohli, BSN, who works on Hauenstein 2 as an ICU nurse, for receiving the DAISY Award for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s in February 2019. The skill and compassionate care Ohli demonstrates to our patients, their families and our staff make him an outstanding role model. The Work Environment Council (of nurses) selected Rafael to receive the February DAISY Award.

Below is an excerpt of the nomination form:

“I had the unfortunate experience of being on the other side of the bed on my own unit recently. My father experienced a stroke that left him debilitated, along with other co-morbidities.

“As every nurse dreads, I had to make the decision of placing him under comfort care. It was extremely difficult for my brother and me to watch our father slowly passing away. Most of the time, I couldn’t bear to even be at the hospital because I was so broken-hearted.

“It was no coincidence that Raf was assigned to my dad the first couple of nights we had transitioned to comfort care; it was by the grace of God. There couldn’t have been a more perfect time or perfect person to assume the care of my Dad.

“My brother was especially struggling emotionally with the transition to comfort care. Raf took the time to notice and understand my brother’s anxieties related to our decision and the days to come. Raf had a one-on-one conversation with my brother, in which he shared his own personal experience. He related to, listened to and validated my brother’s anxieties. I cannot begin to explain the relief in anxieties for all of us that followed Raf’s compassionate conversation.

CNO Liz Murphy surprises Nurse Raf Ohli as the February 2019 DAISY Award recipient.

“Raf took care of my dad as if he were his own, and as if his time were not actually running out.  Raf spent a lot of time bathing, shaving and comforting my dad as he would have wanted. It was after this that we felt my dad had been the most comfortable he had been in a long time. It was then that we accepted and felt at peace with the situation we were faced with.

“We could never express enough gratitude to Raf for the unconditional kind and compassionate care he provided my dad and my family. It was obvious that he wanted to, not because he had to. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Thank you, Raf, for providing excellent, compassionate nursing care to those entrusted to us!

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