Mercy Health Celebrates Legacy of Hackley Campus and of Philanthropist Charles H. Hackley

La Toya Jemison fills out a suggestion for the Mercy Health time capsule.


“It’s good to be a part of history,” said La Toya Jemison, Case Management, Mercy Health, of Hackley Day.

Jemison and many other colleagues across Mercy Health paid tribute to the philanthropist Charles Hackley and to the legacy of Hackley Campus throughout Hackley Day, on May 23, 2019.

Colleagues celebrated through a variety of fun activities, including playing “Hackley Plinko Trivia;” posing for photos with a cardboard cut-out of the late philanthropist, Charles Hackley; and eating cupcakes adorned with top hats.

Given a chance to reflect on the past 115 years of history, colleagues looked through yearbooks, photographs and mementos. One nurse, Lori Grover, found her aunt in a Hackley yearbook. Like herself, Grover’s grandmother, mother and two of her aunts have all worked as nurses on the Hackley Campus.

They could also look to the future by making suggestions for items to be included in the Mercy Health time capsule. Attendees were also encouraged to review proposals for the site of the Hackley Campus.

“Mercy Health Muskegon is blessed to be a health ministry grounded in three powerful founders: the Sisters of Mercy, Charles and Julia Hackley, and a group of 21 osteopathic physicians,” said Jennifer Haworth, director, Mission Services, Mercy Health. “Together, they shared one common interest: Caring for the health of their West Michigan community. As we prepare to open the new Mercy Health Medical Center in 2020, we pause to remember and celebrate the rich history of our Hackley Campus and the spirit of its founder, Charles Hackley, whose commitment to community health and well-being has enriched the lives of generations of Muskegon citizens.”

Youlette Jones plays Hackley Plinko Trivia
Nurse Lori Smith shows colleague photo of her aunt from Hackley yearbook
Julisa Walker, Guest Services Rep reviews proposals for Hackley Campus
Michael Brecht, John Foss, Michelle Klimt, Jennifer Haworth and Gary Allore pose with cut out of Charles Hackley
Jennifer Haworth leads Dr. Nhan Pham in a game of Hackley Plinko
Ann Koon, McClees Clinic, looks at Lobbyside Coffee Shoppe menu, circa 1975

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