Assistant Manager of Security Drake Kartes Receives Friend of Nursing Award

The Friend of Nursing Award is often submitted by a colleague, but in this case, Drake Kartes received the award because a patient acknowledged that he went above and beyond. In doing so, he served as a role model for others through his excellent service, respect for others, communication skills and compassion for our patients.

His nomination resulted from a letter by patient Inge Boelkins of Muskegon, who reached out to our Service Excellence team:

On Friday, February 1, 2019, a friend of mine took me to Mercy Hospital. The pain I experienced was increasing, and I wanted to be examined. I was told that I would not get home until later. My friend said she wanted to be home before dark. I told her to leave and said I would take a taxi unless I had to stay in the hospital.

After examination, I was given medications to calm down the pain. After my pain seemed to improve I was told I could go home but to get in touch with my Mercy Health physician.

My discomfort increased because I thought I had $30 in my purse; I had my credit card but no cash. I needed money for my ride home!

I mentioned it to the gentleman who pushed me around the new medical center to see if there was a place I could get cash with my credit card, but there was no ATM.

Meanwhile, the taxi arrived, and I asked the driver how much it would cost to take me home to the Village of Park Terrace. She said it would be $10. This kind fellow — Drake Kartes — pulled out $10 from his wallet and gave it to the driver. I thanked him and said I would be back.

It’s taken me a week and a day to get back to Mercy Hospital. I went to the front desk and told my story and the woman on call said, “We do have a Drake working here and he is in the building.” When he came I recognized him immediately. He said to me, “You did not need to come back to see me,” but I needed to.

Thanks for people like Drake Kartes. An experience like that is powerful.

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  1. A beautiful example of Mission in action. Thank you Drake for your compassionate presence in our community.


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