PCI Program Earns Accreditation From Corazon

Members of the Heart and Vascular team pose for a photo with their certificate.

Corazon Cites the Multidisciplinary Approach and Collaboration Among Team Members

Corazon, Inc., a national leader in services for the cardiovascular specialty, has granted accreditation to the PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) program at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. Commonly known by the term primary elective angioplasty, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has performed 900 PCI procedures since April 2016.

Through a rigorous process, the accreditation establishes that the program at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has met or exceeded the requirements established by governing bodies. Some requirements include providing 24-hour coverage for PCI emergencies and undergoing detailed quarterly quality reviews to ensure outcomes and practices meet or exceed national standards.

“The accreditation from Corazon validates that Mercy Health provides excellent care for our cardiac patients,” said Ann Dabkowski, BSN, RN-BC, Manager, Heart & Vascular, Mercy Health. “We are especially proud of our collaborative approach with staff from both the Emergency Department and Heart and Vascular department to treat our patients who present with symptoms.”

According to a news release from Corazon, Inc., “Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Campus has demonstrated through their accreditation survey that they are committed to providing the highest quality level of care to their patient community. Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional leadership has afforded this opportunity in engaging their entire hospital team, enhancing their cardiac service line, thus allowing them to excel through achieving this accreditation.”

In order to learn more about the interventional processes for both cardiac and stroke, Corazon invited a representative from Mercy Health Saint Mary’s to present at its national conference in May 2019. Sarah Simon, CNL, Heart and Vascular, presented about first responders and the Emergency Department staff collaborate to care for patients who present with heart attack or stroke symptoms.

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