June 2019 DAISY Award Recipient Jessica Sayer “Was My Light” for Patient

In November 2018, Jessica Sayer, a nurse on PMU, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient. Sayer’s compassionate care and advocacy for patients exemplify her to our patients and their families. Our staff recognizes her as an outstanding role model. The Work Environment Council selected Sayer to receive the June 2019 Daisy Award.

The nomination from the patient reads:

“The help of the psych med unit is unparalleled, it is true. The teamwork PMU must perform to become this good is highlighted by the work of one particular nurse, Nurse Jess. In the dark, Jess was my light, amazing, holding me, and going beyond the parameters of normal nursing practice. Jess is a role model, exhibiting the most caring example and model of true nurse etiquette.

“She got me through the deeply dark time of trial for me, when I was near death and darkness in my mind. Oh, how I appreciate her!  She taught me something I can only define in feelings, something inside my soul that can last forever. Jess is equipped to handle all aspects of her nursing job and is an example of understanding. She is an example of Jesus Christ.

“She deserves this because of her heart. Jess is super cool-as-a-cucumber, I say. Jess was the most ever-present person in my life here, and she made me believe that others care about me and cannot and shall not live without me. Thank you and bless you, Jess!”

Congratulations to Sayer and her team. Thank you for providing excellent nursing care to those entrusted to us.

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