Kaitlyn Averill, RN, Receives August 2019 DAISY Award

Kaitlyn Averill, who works as a registered nurse on N3/N4 at the Mercy Health Hackley Campus, is the recipient of the August 2019 DAISY Award.

On multiple recent occasions, Averill has resuscitated patients, twice in the hospital and once in a public setting. Averill indicated that RQI (resuscitation quality improvement) technology has played a role in her self-confidence during such critical situations.The following summarizes her recent life-saving measures in public:

Kaitlyn was shopping at a big-box store when she saw a crowd gather around a fellow shopper who appeared ill. Kaitlyn asked if the person had a pulse, and she immediately checked for one. That is when Kaitlyn began CPR and asked for an AED (automated external defibrillator). No one around her seemed to know what an AED was, so Kaitlyn performed CPR for 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived. Thanks to her quick action, the patient survived.

We thank Kaitlyn for her quick response both within and outside of our medical centers. Her efforts are recognized and truly appreciated by Mercy Health leaders, her colleagues and patients. Congratulations!


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