October 2019 DAISY Award Recipient Pauline Hayes

While caring for a patient in the ICU on the Mercy Health Hackley Campus, Pauline Hayes, RN, had made a great connection with the patient and the patient’s spouse. Then her shift changed. The nurse who nominated Pauline for this award was the nurse who then took over the patient’s care.

During that time, the spouse kept asking when Pauline would be back. To complicate matters, a grave diagnosis came in, which the spouse was unable to fully understand. To top it off, the staff was unable to reach relatives to come and offer support to the spouse. Our care team was so busy with testing and patient care, that we had little time to attend to the spouse. That’s when Pauline called in to check and see how the patient was doing.

Hearing how things were going, Pauline came in to see this couple on her day off. She sat with the spouse to review the complex diagnosis and explained what the care plan was. She also listened to all of the spouse’s concerns and offered comfort and compassion. The spouse was so touched and thankful.

On a personal note, the nominating nurse said this of Pauline: “Pauline is an amazing nurse and mentor. I am a better nurse from being guided by her.”

Congratulations, Pauline!

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