Managing Your Health While Living with a Chronic Condition

Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition? Are you not able to properly manage your symptoms? Do you feel confused about the appropriate care needed to successfully manage your condition and prevent additional illnesses?

If so, review your health benefits for special programs designed to assist and support individuals with your condition so you can live a healthy life.

For example, you may be able to work with a nurse through your health plan who can:

  • Give you online resources to use anytime
  • Review the treatment plan and medications your doctor gave you
  • Explain possible side effects and answer your questions
  • Work with you over time to help you meet your goals for managing your health condition(s)

If you receive an outreach call from a nurse, please remember to return the call if you miss it.

Most importantly, have regular conversations with your primary care physician to discuss any of your health concerns and actions you can take to maintain or improve your well-being.

Mercy Health is committed to helping you live a healthy life by nurturing well-being through body, mind and spirit.

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