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Redeployed Nurse Colleagues Man Employee Health Helplines

Muskegon Nurses ready to receive colleague Hotline calls

In these unprecedented times, our Michigan hospitals have developed Colleague Health Hotlines to support those who need screening, have questions about the effects of COVID-19, or just need someone to listen.

We are Here to Help You!

In mid-March – just as the COVID-19 concerns began to escalate in Michigan, statewide leaders met to activate local Hotline call centers to address the growing questions and concerns of our colleagues.

Southeast Michigan nursing colleagues man the call center 24 hours a day.

“I felt that colleagues would need support during this pandemic and Employee Health required additional resources to meet this need,” said Cheryl Goodell, Mercy Health Muskegon Chief Human Resources Officer. Nursing staff were quickly recruited from the statewide Redeployment Pools and were provided Quickbase training in order to help triage Hotline calls.

Colleague Health Helpline (CHH) [above] and our Respiratory Assessment call center (RACC) [below]. Our CHH takes the calls from the colleagues, and if colleagues need to be tested, they are referred to our RACC to be scheduled.

Dr. Sharon O’Leary, Chief Quality Officer, met with Quality Excellence leaders, Sheree Brown and Deborah Newall to ensure a solid plan would support this much-needed program.

“Hotline nursing staff take calls from colleagues who have COVID-19 concerns, including symptoms, screening and return to work criteria, added Dr. O’Leary. They also make themselves available to call with colleagues concerning their test results and support as needed.”

Beyond all of the meeting, planning and implementation of these statewide Hotlines, the most important factors are the colleagues served.

“These employees have been so helpful and understanding when I had to call with my illness. This was about two weeks of me calling them and them calling me; then being tested and having to wait to hear a negative or positive –they still called me every day. They are so nice and caring. You can hear it in their voices and the words they say. I am grateful to them for getting me and also my team through this. I say Thank you to all! – Kati Dennis, Supervisor of Central Medical Records

The Colleague Hotlines are available statewide.


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