Mercy Health Muskegon Earns PCI and EP Program Re-accreditation From Corazon

First accreditation earned in October 2018

Corazon, Inc., a national leader in services for the cardiovascular specialty, has granted re-accreditation to the PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) Program and the Electrophysiology Program (EP) Mercy Health Muskegon. Commonly known by the term primary elective angioplasty, Mercy Health Muskegon has maintained its PCI program and EP accreditation since 2018 from Corazon.  

Through a rigorous process, the accreditation proves that the program at Mercy Health Muskegon has met and upheld the Corazon Accreditation Standards for PCI and EP Program Accreditation. Corazon ensures adherence to the most recent and national societal guidelines as well as any state specific regulatory requirements.

“This is a great achievement for both Mercy Health Muskegon’s cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs,” said Blair Moreau, director of Heart and Vascular Services, Mercy Health Muskegon.  “The Corazon Accreditation, a symbol of excellence, is a true testament of our organization’s, physicians’, and colleagues’ continued commitment to provide the highest-quality cardiovascular care to those we serve.”

According to a news release from Corazon, Inc., “Mercy Health Muskegon has demonstrated through their accreditation survey that they are committed to providing the highest quality level of care to their patient community. Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional leadership has afforded this opportunity in engaging their entire hospital team, enhancing their cardiac service line, thus allowing them to excel through achieving this accreditation.”

Through a rigorous process, the re-accreditation further establishes that the program at Mercy Health Muskegon has met or exceeded the requirements established by governing bodies. Some requirements include providing 24-hour coverage for PCI emergencies and undergoing detailed quarterly quality reviews to ensure outcomes and practices meet or exceed national standards.

“This accomplishment is only possible because of the dedicated cardiologists, electrophysiologist, catheterization and electrophysiology nurses and technicians,” said Moreau. “Thank you for the wonderful and compassionate work you do every day.”

Corazon has worked with over 600 hospitals nationally to evaluate, re-engineer, or implement best-practice PCI programs. Corazon has also been a verifier for PCI programs in the state of Georgia for several years. As an accrediting agency, Corazon helps to ensure life-saving services are provided in communities across the state. 

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