What Do Our Colleagues Think About the COVID-19 Vaccine?

We asked Mercy Health colleagues from across the region why they would be interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccine from Mercy Health, and this is what they said!

(Colleagues, you may also leave your comments below! Note that participation in this blog post does not reserve your spot to receive the vaccine, Grand Rapids colleagues – please visit your Outlook email box for your reservation survey, Muskegon colleagues in the 1AI Priority Vaccine Group have received an email from Justin Grill.)

“I would be interested in receiving the vaccine not only in attempt to protect myself, but also to protect my family members who are considered to be high-risk and would most likely not survive the virus should they contract it.

“And my receiving the vaccine may help these companies get better insight on how effective it is. If there is even a small chance at protecting the people I care about and the patients I care for — aside from masking-up, washing hands, social distancing — then I will take any opportunity to do so.”

Taylor Greiner, Medical Assistant, Mercy Health Physician Partners, Muskegon

“I was initially skeptical about the vaccine, but I attended a webinar put together by African Americans to discuss the science behind the vaccine. When I learned that there was no live virus in the vaccine, and that the side effects are due to the body’s own immune system as it is being trained to recognize and attack the virus, I was sold. I have lost loved ones in this pandemic, and there are too many people dying. We need to do everything we can to halt the devastation being experienced by people of color, and frankly, everyone.

“I want the vaccine–first and foremost–to model the behavior. When my mother told me that she would not take the vaccine until I did, that resonated with me, especially because my step-father recently died from COVID. This is not a game, and I want my mother to be safe. In fact, I really want everyone to feel comfortable taking the vaccine, so I’m stepping up.”

Cory Mitchell, D.Bioethics, MA, Director of Mission Integration, Mercy Health Muskegon

“I have never been skeptical of the vaccine, as I have more than enough faith and trust in our doctors and experts in the field who have been working tirelessly to get this developed.

“I work directly with COVID-positive patients in the inpatient side of things, doing inpatient phlebotomy, and can sometimes be in the room for 10 or more minutes.

“Along with that, I work with a mixed variety of patients in the outpatient world, who may be asymptomatic.”

Jared Lipp, ACLS, PHTLS, PALS, EPC, EMT-B, Phlebotomist, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

“I am excited to do my part to help, as we have been doing since the beginning of this pandemic.

“I have been doing my research about the vaccine, which makes me excited to be able to be the first group to get the mRNA vaccine!

“This is cutting-edge medicine, and I’m excited to be a part of history!”

Holly Wadsworth, Radiology Tech, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

At first, I was a little skeptical because the mRNA is new to the vaccine world, but what helped with my skepticism is knowing that we have been using mRNA in treatments for years. And then I watched a Town Hall as Liberty Jacques and Dr. Andrew Jameson fully endorsed this vaccine after reading through all of the data, and that they are getting it themselves as soon as it is available.

That was probably all I needed to hear. There is no opinion that I value more than Dr. Jameson’s. I have worked with Dr. Jameson with many patients in my career, and the expertise and compassion that he brings to all of his patients is truly remarkable.

I want this vaccine because it is the quickest and safest way to develop immunity and end this pandemic.”

Adam Choryan, BSN, RN, Hauenstein 2, Intensive Care Unit

“I want to get the vaccine because it’s the right thing to do for myself, my patients, family and friends.

“We are all responsible for each other.”

Vicki M Kaiser, BSW, RN, CCM, RN Medical Case Manager, McClees Clinic, Mercy Health Muskegon

“From my public health perspective, I know the only way to stop this pandemic is through vaccination and developing enough herd immunity. I am also passionate about improving the health of our communities and want to help educate and promote this vaccine to others.

“I personally want to get the vaccine not just to protect myself, but also to protect my children. My oldest daughter has a single-functioning kidney, and I don’t know what would happen to her if she got COVID. As a teenager it is hard to keep her socially distanced and safe, so if I get the vaccine I am less likely to bring COVID into my home, and I can be a part of the solution to protect not only her, but also to other vulnerable people in our community.

“I am confident that getting the vaccine will be safe for me because of all of the collaboration that has gone into its development; it was not just a single group of scientists working on it, but rather many collaborating around the globe through the WHO. My biggest fear is getting COVID and not knowing the long-term effects of the virus, not of the vaccine.”

Kristin Jenkins, MPH, QA/Educator, Phlebotomy, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s

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