November DAISY Award Recipient Brynn Nichols

In January 2020, a patient nominated Brynn Nichols, a nurse on the Psychiatric Med Unit (PMU), for a DAISY Award. Brynn’s kind and compassionate care exemplifies her to our patients and their families. Our staff recognizes Brynn as an outstanding role model. The Nursing Practice & Environment Council (NPEC) selected Brynn to receive the November DAISY Award. 

Taken from Brynn’s nomination: 

“There are no words to truly thank Brynn enough for what she has done for me. At a time during my treatment, when things hit the very bottom, Brynn became a pillar for me to lean on. 

“I had a visitor arrive that was causing me such great anguish that it was bringing me to the point of an anxiety attack. Brynn noticed the change in my mood and immediately sprang to action, showing the guest out and working to calm me down. Once I was back in a normal mindset, she shined more for me.

“Brynn worked very hard to gain my trust and make a personal connection, helping me feel loved and cared for. She took a large chunk of her very busy schedule and really spent time to listen to me and helped me work through my emotions and heartache. From there, she helped me understand the bigger picture — everything I desperately needed.

“After a great deal of conversation, I realized Brynn’s compassion, caring and drive to help me made me feel like she was a longtime friend or a sibling, which was a powerful feeling when at rock bottom! She helped illuminate some of my deeper emotions and issues that I had been refusing to face.

“It is at that moment when my true recovery began. This was so important to my overall mental health. Brynn guided me through that process and prepared me for future interactions. She helped me organize my thoughts and gave me confidence that I could control my emotions and stand up to the person causing conflict. I was able to set personal and emotional boundaries with that visitor the very next day, knowing I had a plan and Brynn was there to help me.

“I cannot imagine the trials and challenges that staff on the PMU must come across. But as a patient who is now going home a healthier man, I can only assume it is due to incredible skills like Brynn’s that I am better. 

“From the depths of my heart, ‘Thank you, Brynn, for being my nurse, my friend, my sounding board, my protector, my teacher, and for reminding me that I can do this!’”

Congratulations, Brynn! Thank you for providing such excellent and compassionate nursing care to this patient and all those entrusted to us.

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