December 2020 Mercy Health Friend of Nursing Award Recipient

Emily Tassoni, a certified Psych Technician from Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Psych Med Unit was nominated in September 2020 for the Friend of Nursing Award. Our staff recognizes Emily as an outstanding role model. The Nursing Practice & Environment Council (NPEC) agrees and selected Emily to receive the Friend of Nursing Award for December 2020.  Emily’s nomination reads: 

“We have a patient who has been admitted for 170 days with very challenging behaviors. The patient often yells out and can be aggressive. Emily was the PCA assigned to this patient and over the course of our patient’s hospitalization, Emily has cared for her many times and has developed a very good rapport with her.

“Emily was able to help the patient up into a chair for probably the fifth time during this admission. She then asked the team for permission to take the patient to 5 Lacks because the patient in the hospital for so long and hasn’t been outside in months. Emily brought the patient up to 5 Lacks in a Broda chair and spent time with her outside. They listened to music and the patient brightened up immediately.”

Thanks for being a part of the PMU team, Emily. On behalf of the Nursing Practice & Environment Council (NPEC), Emily, thank you for being a true Friend to Nursing.

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