Mercy Health February 2021 DAISY Award Recipient

Stephanie “Marie” DeWildt BSN, RN, was nominated for this prestigious award by one of her patients. The nomination read:

“Stephanie “Marie” DeWildt, BSN, RN, works in Hauenstein Neurosciences Center. She has been caring for me for several years. It is important to thank her and share my story of why Marie is so special.

“When I sought care for a rare neuromuscular disorder, Marie led the charge. She tracked down every possible record and details. She was complete and caring; considerate and capable. I had come from previous offices where I was merely a medical record number.

“Marie and I soon realized that we both had daughters with the same, rather unique name. No matter how busy Marie is — with every phone call and office visit, she says hello or stops in to see me. We cause a ruckus laughing about our daughters’ antics. Marie made a point to bond with me over this. Marie also makes a point to help me find joy in my everyday life. She makes a point to make me feel secure, safe and special.

“When an onset of falls and weakness resulted in a hospital admission, my lunch date on my first day was with Marie and Dr. Taylor. While they were both concerned about my treatment plan, we spent that time laughing about family, spouses and kids. 

“Every once in a while. I will see the phone number for the doctor’s office pop up on my phone. I always wonder what I forgot to take care of, but usually, it is Marie just calling to check on me. If I leave a message on the voicemail or patient portal, she takes care of it with speed and completeness. To be fair, if you call Marie, she usually picks up without having to leave a message. She coordinates all the care between Dr. Taylor, Karen Burritt, and the Mayo Clinic. Even the Mayo staff have commented on how easy it is to reach Marie and how quickly they get a response. 

“I have called Marie so many times with so many things I needed help with. Sometimes I needed help handling a new symptom, sometimes handling the entirety of a chronic, long-term, incurable illness. Marie always, always makes me feel better. There won’t always be a fix, I understand that, but as long as Marie is around, I will always, always have the help I need to live my best life.

“Care doesn’t get any better than that.”

Congratulations, Marie.

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